Buy-Sell Agreements

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Buy-Sell Agreements or Asset Purchase Agreements or Purchase Sale Agreements, as they are commonly referred to synonymously, are used to sell the assets of a business or an entire business. This would vary from where a business owner would be selling or transferring the shares of a business along with the "shell" of a business. If you are purchasing a business it might be prudent to incorporate a fresh "shell" and take title to a business's asset to avoid any potential liability that the previous running entity would have accrued.


Once a Asset Purchase Agreement or Buy-Sell Agreement is signed between the parties, the actual transfer of any personal property should be conveyed through a Bill of Sale. A Comprehensive Buy-Sell Agreement will provide that all goodwill of the business is properly conveyed along with the transfer. It should include that the transferee is released of any liabiliies or lawsuits accrusing prior to the transfer, and that the transferor shall indemnify the transferee of any such liability.


If you are selling ownership in the actual LLC or Corporation itself, the proper agreement to convey the transfer should be:


A Stock Transfer Agreement for a Corporation or a Membership Interest Transfer Agreement for a LLC. Here an actual percentage of and in the business is transferred from the Transferor to the Transferee.


Our law firm has experience in many legal matters and in particular we are often contacted regarding the following types of contracts and agreements:        

* Property related Agreements (buying and selling of real estate)     Quit Claim Deed $175 Flat Fee

 - Purchase Agreements       $299 Flat Fee

* Purchase of a business or Purchase of a Franchise  $299 Flat Fee    

* Shareholders Agreement      $99 Flat Fee

* Partnership agreements       $99 Flat Fee

* Compliance matters, franchise agreements       $299 Flat Fee

* Agreements relating to partnership disputes and corporate disputes      

* Drafting of wills, and powers of attorney      

* Intellectual property agreements.      

* Lease agreements (commercial industrial and retail)   $299 Flat Fee

* Transferring of leases    

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