Real Estate Matters

A competent attorney can protect a party's interests regardless of whether a real estate matter is routine or involves a complex transaction.  A purchase agreement or other contracts related to real estate transactions almost always fall under the Statute of Frauds.  The statute of frauds places a requirement that such contracts between parties be in writing and many times contain specific clauses and provisions for such terms to be enforceable.  

The types of clients that we typically represent in real estate related matters include the following:

· Owners of residential and commercial real estate

·Potential tenants of commercial real estate

- Lease Review ·Real estate developers

·Construction companies

·Title companies

·Mortgage companies.

The types of real estate transactions that we can assist you with include:

·Lease review, lease drafting, lease amendments, & lease negotiation

·Property acquisitions and property sales

·Asset protection related to real estate

·Drafting of deeds and other transfer documents

·Breach of contract in relation to the purchase agreement.